Attending school in December 2023 in Kilifi in Kenya

Me, Madam Sabina & Ruben

On 27.11.2023, the time had finally come. The transport of the presents from the hotel to the school was organized. My tour guide, Ruben, had been briefed and together with our driver Lennox, we made our way inland to Kilifi, where Madam Sabina and the kids were already waiting for us.

A hearty welcome

Although it was currently vacation in Kenya, the pupils came to school for the day.

We were warmly welcomed by everyone and curious little eyes followed everything we said and did.

In the luggage: 60 delicious donuts from the hotel kitchen for the schoolchildren

Before we started our journey inland, the chef, Allan from the Behari Beach Hotel, gave us 60 delicious donuts for the students.

No school uniforms to be found - 
A new plan is needed!

After we arrived at our last stop before school and there were no suitable school uniforms here either, I started to feel a little sad.

But then Ruben had an idea. We packed the tailor into our car and took her to the school so that she could measure the children and make the uniforms to fit perfectly.

Thought-done :)

Arrival and handover of gifts to the principal: Madam Sabina

With beaming hearts, we hand over the lovingly procured and sewn materials as a sign of our support.

The gifts are not only tools of learning, but also of hope and inspiration. May they strengthen the students' wings so that they can realize their dreams with knowledge and determination.

Now 11 children who do not yet have a uniform are being measured by the seamstress :)

Taking measurements for a school uniform requires particular accuracy to ensure that the garments not only comply with the school's regulations, but are also comfortable and fit each student properly.

The tailor takes into account not only the standard measurements, but also individual differences to ensure that each student feels comfortable in their uniform and receives an appropriate fit.

3 days later: The children hold their first brand new school uniform in their hands

The introduction of school uniforms in Kenya plays an important role in giving students a sense of equality and equalizing social differences.

These uniforms also promote a sense of belonging to the school and create an environment where the focus is on education rather than external differentiators.

It's done: 
The new school year can begin

In Kenya, children should wear school uniforms as they not only promote a sense of community and equality, but also reduce costs for families by alleviating the pressure to buy expensive everyday clothing.

In addition, uniforms create a safer environment on the way to school by making students less vulnerable to certain types of crime.

Completely overlooked: 
11 pairs of shoes are still missing

Maria dedicates her craftsmanship to making durable shoes for children in Kenya who are in desperate need of practical footwear rather than style.

Her skill and dedication benefit children who need sturdy footwear to get through their daily lives.

February 2024: The children get the shoes. A matter of course for us in Germany.

On January 3, 2024, the new school year begins and the feet of the 11 children can be measured and the matching shoes can be made by Maria.

Done. The shoes are finished and have arrived at the school. Thanks to all the helpers and to Madam Sabina, who is very committed to the children.

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